Discover Scuba

Try our 4 hours program and experience amazing scuba diving in Cozumel!

No previous experience needed!

Try scuba diving Cozumel, and discover the amazing underwater world,  You can start this program as young as 10 years old and actually go scuba diving in the sea, at a depth limited to 12 meters (40 feet), under the supervision of one of our very qualified instructors that will teach you the basic safety concepts, how the equipment works, and make you do some exercises with the scuba equipment and last you get a passport for an amazing Cozumel diving experience in a very pretty coral reef with lots of marine life.


  • 1 short theory session
  • 1 exercise dive in shallow waters, close to the beach
  • 1 real dive in a coral reef to explore the underwater world!
  • Full equipment rental (mask, fins, BCD, wetsuit, regulator)

Duration & Cost:

  • 3 hours, one beach dive: US$80
  • 3 and a half hours, one boat dive: US$120
  • 4 hours, 2  boat dives, 2 different reefs: US$140